TABC Board Meeting Minutes July 27, 2014

TABC Board Meeting Minutes   

Sunday July 27, 2014

Cabela's Buda, Texas

The meeting was called to order by President Ed Calderone at 10:05 am. Board members present were Ed Calderone, Robert Rose Woody Woodruff, Randi Wayland, Dave Cole, Bill Ramsey, Aubrey Lewis, Ed Parten, Don Pierce and Ron Torrey. Guests present were Kathy Woodruff, and Bruce Shuler. Guest speaker Dr. Mike Woehest was also at the meeting and gave a brief presentation on the damage that the Double Crested Cormorant is doing to our Texas lakes and private waters around the state. President Ed Calderone turned the room over to Dr. Woehest for his presentation.

After Dr. Woehest's Presentation a motion was made by Ed Parten and 2nd by Aubrey Lewis to support Dr. Woehest in trying to get TP&W to recognize the problem that the cormorant is causing in the state and work towards a solution. Motion passed.  Also discussed was the alligator gar problem on Lake Falcon.

The minutes from the last board meeting were discussed and a motion was made to except them as read by Aubrey Lewis and 2nd by Ed Parten. Motion passed.

Ed informed the board that the trailer we were looking at buying was sold out from under us and that we needed to look for another trailer.

The treasurer's report was discussed and a motion was made by Randi Wayland and 2nd by Dave Cole to accept the treasurer's report as read. Motion passed.

Woody Woodruff brought up the scales donated by Ed Parten and informed the board that he took them to get them certified and was informed that water had gotten into the main board and corroded it to a point that it could not be repaired.  This means that we will have to purchase a set of scales sometime in the future. For the State Tournament Bill Ramsey will talk to No Name Bass Club and see if we can borrow their scales this year and we will use Robert Rose scales as a back-up if needed.

The rules for the State Tournament were discussed and a couple of small changes were made. The rules were accepted as read with the changes recommended. The rules will be posted to the web page and copies will be sent to each clubs contact person. Ed Calderone informed the board that Martin Chevrolet will cook again for our Saturday evening meal for the anglers.

Ed Parten is still working on getting rods for the tournament champions and for raffle prizes. They have said they will donate 8 rods for the champions and 1 for Big Bass each day and 4 for raffle prizes for a total of 14 rods. Randi brought up the raffle and recommended that we reduce the amount of money for raffle prizes from $1000 back to $500 due to barely breaking even. We also decided to only have 3 or 4 big ticket items instead of a lot of smaller prizes.

Our Scholarship was brought up and a motion was made by Ed Parten and 2nd by Randi Wayland to name the scholarship after a TABC Member that passed away recently, Lindy Ellason. The motion passed.

Next year's tournament was brought up for discussion and with the drought conditions in south Texas it was questioned whether we should go south as we had planned. After much discussion it was decided that we will petition Zapata for support and try and to go back to Lake Falcon. It was decided that it is over one year away and anything can happen in a year.

We received a Thank You letter from Boysville for our donation to their Kid Fish tournament.

Next Board Meeting will be at Fin & Feather Resort on Friday afternoon September 26, 2014 at about 3 pm prior to the Tournament registration.

A motion to adjourn was made by Ed Parten and 2nd by Ron Torrey. Motion passed and the meeting adjourned at 3 pm.

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