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TABC Scholarship Background & Qualifications

1) Background

a) This grant is established to help TABC meet one of our established goals; that is, involving our youth in the sport of bass fishing, and at the same time encouraging our youth to continue their education.

b) Each year, TABC will set aside the sum of $1000 for two grants. Two applicants shall be eligible for a $500 grant to further their education, assuming they meet the qualification requirements. Should there be no or one qualified applicant, the TABC Board of Directors shall decide by majority vote whether to roll the unclaimed scholarship funds into the next calendar year, or use the funds for other TABC expenditures. This decision shall be made at the last TABC meeting of the year.

c) Each applicant must review the scholarship qualifications and follow the instructions on the scholarship application form. The current TABC officers shall review all applications to determine eligibility. Once eligibility is established, the TABC Board of Directors will determine which two applicants shall receive the grants. The grants shall be awarded in September.

2) Scholarship Grant Qualifications

a) Applicants must be financially dependent on their parent(s), grandparents, or guardian who is a TABC member.

b) Parent(s) must be members of TABC for at least two consecutive calendar years.

c) Applicants must be a graduating high school senior who is entering college or junior college; or who is a current college undergraduate; or who is entering or is currently enrolled in a trade school (auto mechanic, Beauty College, etc.).

d) Applicants must not be older than 23 at time of application.

e) Applicant must complete and follow the instructions on the scholarship application form.

Contact the TABC Secretary for copies of the form.

f) Applications must be post marked by August 15 of the current year.

Mail to:

Texas Association of Bass Clubs

P.O. Box 547

Copperas Cove, TX 76522

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