TABC Board Meeting Minutes December 14, 2014

TABC Board Meeting Minutes

Sunday December 14, 2014

Bass Pro Shop

San Antonio, Texas

The Meeting was called to order by President Ed Calderone at 10:28 am. Ed recognized guest Charlie Siever and welcomed him to the meeting. The Minutes were read by Robert Rose and approved. Motion Ed Parten 2nd Dave Cole.

Treasures Report was given by Woody Woodruff showing a savings account of $1004.08. Checking account balance had a balance of $6761.24. A motion was made to approve the Treasurers Report as read by Ed Parten 2nd by Dave Cole. At this time Debbie and Doug Black came into the meeting and the meeting was paused to talk to them. 

Check for $270 from OTC to be paid by end of the day. ARS has not paid the $300 that they promised and we need to send them an invoice for the past due amount. A motion was made to move $2000 to the savings account for emergency by Ed Parten 2nd by Aubrey Lewis. Motion passed.

Randi Wayland made comments about the Warriors on the Water Event and passed around some photos and gave Ed Calderone a hat from the event.

Ed Parten made comments about the Friends of Reservoirs project to plant water willows in Lake Livingston. With several high schools and the community behind the project they are just waiting on the promised monies from several organizations to be received. 

State Tournament went well; no bad comments were heard about it. This was a well run tournament. Toledo Bend needs to be put into the rotation for our tournaments again.

New Business

Ed Calderone made comments on his time in TABC and then submitted his resignation as President due to health and family reasons and turned the meeting over to Vice President Ed Parten. 

Ed Parten took over the meeting and made some comments on the time that he has known Ed Calderone and gave some of the history of TABC. With that Ed opened the floor for nominations for President. At this time Robert Rose made comments before any nominations were made. At that time a motion was made to take a short bath room break before nominations began. Motion made by Dave Cole 2nd by Ron Torrey. Motion passed.

The meeting was called back to order at 12:02 pm by Vice President Ed Parten and he introduced some of the board for TBBU that had come in. Ed gave the duties of the President prior to the beginning of nominations. 

Ron Torrey asked questions on what constituted a quorum and asked if it was necessary to elect a President today. After study it was determined that there was a quorum because of multiple Regions that are without Directors. A motion was on the floor to elect a president and nominations were made. Ron Torrey nominated Robert Rose, 2nd by Don Pierce. Woody Woodruff nominated Bruce Shuler, but Bruce declined the nomination. Randi Wayland then made a motion that Robert Rose by elected by acclimation. The motion passed. Randi then made a motion that the President be allowed to submit gas receipts for reimbursement. Discussion was made that we wait to make this decision. Randi's motion was tabled until the next meeting.

Ed Parten turned the meeting over to Robert Rose. There was discussion on where the next meeting should be held. It was decided that we would try and come back to Bass Pro Shop. We then discussed a date and February 8th was selected. 

Ed Parten introduced a representative of Friends of Reservoirs to report on the Livingston Water Willows Project. 

Motion was made by Ron Torrey and 2nd by Dave Cole to adjourn at 12:30 pm. Motion passed.

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