TABC Board Meeting Minutes June 18, 2016

TABC Board Meeting Minutes

June 18, 2016

Onalaska City Council Annex; Onalaska, TX.

Meeting was called to order by Robert Rose, President @ 11:30 A.M. 

President Robert Rose introduced guests - John Hope and Tom McDonough.

Members Present: Lynn Bilberry, Robert Rose, Ron Torrey, Woody Woodruff, Dave Cole, John Morgan, Ed Parten, Aubrey Lewis, John Hope, Kathy Woodruff, Harvey Holmes, Dolline Holmes, Debi Cole, Tom McDonough, Randi Wayland and Wesley Provasek

Mr. Hope gave his suggestions for the TABC State Tournament. He suggested that we consider contestants to trailer their boats due to the size and hazards that Lake Livingstons present. "Lots of floating logs and shallow water hazards.

Aubrey Lewis seconded this option for consideration by the Tournament Director.

Secretary Lynn Bilberry read minutes from the February 6 and April 9 board meeting. Aubrey Lewis motioned to accept minutes as read, Ed Parten seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Treasurer Woody Woodruff gave treasurer's report. Woody's report included revenues and expenses that occurred since the last meeting. Ed Parten emphasized Lifetime Memberships and he also suggested we revisit Region 6 clubs who have not joined. Ed Parten made the motion to approve treasurer's report, seconded by Dave Cole. Ron Torrey asked for clarification on the actual balance and Woody gave more detailed information. Ron also asked about our insurance bill and when is it due. Woody explained that the insurance bill is due at the end of June cost of $2337.30. Randi Wayland questioned our 501© status. Kathy and Woody both responded that we have been approved by the Texas Attorney General's Office to continue as an 501© organization. Motion passed.

Old Business:

Aubrey Lewis commented on trailer status giving good news that the trailer should be available soon. Title is on the way!

New Business:

Lynn Bilberry made a motion to remove Chuck Sharp from TABC membership under Article II, Section 5. Removal of Members. Harvey Holmes seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

President Robert Rose commented on a member in the Lufkin Bass Club has requested his membership dues be refunded. Mark Thompson has requested his membership dues be returned due to TABC's influence to assist in the closing on the Paper Mill on Lake Sam Rayburn. Ed Parten gave detailed information regarding how this plant was polluting not only the water but trees, plants, animals. Ed also stated that he tried to call Mark several times in which he left messages never to have a call returned. Woody communicated with Todd Barnes Region 5 Director whose Father worked in that plant and he found out that several members were very upset with the posting on TABC's website concerning this issue. Todd also told Woody that he was caught off guard and had to tread water several times during his visits with clubs. Todd asked Woody if the website statement could be altered ASAP. Lynn stated that this plant was closed due to the unions asking for the impossible thus the company closed the plant. 

Ron Torrey made a motion to refund Mark Thompson's money, Dave Cole seconded the motion. Several Board members were totally against this precedent. Some thought we should prorate his refund and others believed that we should send him a token refund. Motion failed one for, seven against.

President Robert Rose went over the TABC State Tournament Rules and Regulations with minor changes. Aubrey Lewis made a motion that we accept the changes, seconded by Dave Cole. Motion passed. New Rules and Regulations will be emailed to all clubs as soon as the Captains Meeting location is scheduled. Lynn will handle the revisions and the State Tournament Registration Packets.

Harvey Holmes question the Lifetime Member List? Lynn Bilberry informed the Board that lifetime members are listed on the TABC Rosters.

Directors Reports:

Ron Torrey Region 6:

Ron visited several clubs - Austin Bass Club, Canyon Bass Club. Clubs suggested raising dues by $5 and deleting the meal. Ron called for a vote on the By-Laws.

Woody Woodruff made a motion to approve By-Laws with June 30 as deadline for membership, seconded by Dave Cole. Motion passed with 1 abstain.

Dave Cole Region I:

Dave stated that he was working on clubs in his region. Robert Rose questioned the board to consider a waiver for new clubs. Particularly Eagle Pass Bass Club. Discussion tabled.

John Morgan Director at Large:

John stated that he had sent information packets to organizations. He is waiting for a response. Ed Parten and Randi Wayland stated that he would have to stay on these individuals. If he gets a negative find out who got the info and who said no. Talk directly to the man.  John will follow up and report at the next board meeting. Ed Parten suggested that John contact some of our named TABC Lifetime members. They will have contacts who can support our endeavors.

Robert led discussion on the live-release trailer for the State Tournament. It was determined that there would be no conflicts with its use in September. Woody stated that Metro was not settled as they were going back and forth.

Lynn Bilberry made a motion to adjourn, Ed Parten seconded the motion. Motion passed

Meeting Adjourned at 12:58 PM.  

Lynn Bilberry, TABC Secretary

Robert Rose

TABC President

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