Texas Association of Bass Clubs Bylaws

ARTICLE I - Name and Purpose.                                 

Section 1: Name                                                                                                       

This Organization shall be called the Texas Association of Bass Clubs, hereafter referred to as TABC.   
Section 2: Purpose

To stimulate public awareness of the necessity of preserving the public waters of the State of Texas and it's related 

recreational areas; to promote better fishing waters through lake management and research; to assist in pollution 

control and increase public awareness of its necessity; to promote water safety; and to encourage youth participation

 in the sport of fishing.                        

ARTICLE II Membership                  

Section 1: Club Membership                                                                  
Any club situated in the state of Texas, which is dedicated to bass fishing and agrees to abide by the rules and 

regulations of and dedicate itself to the principles of TABC, may apply and become a member 

of  TABC.                                       

 Section 2:  Affiliate/Sponsorship Membership

  1. Any person/individual, not a club member,  who agrees to abide by the rules and regulations of TABC 

and pay his/her annual dues, of $20,  shall be an affiliated member of TABC.    

  1. Any organization desiring association with TABC and abiding with TABC rules and regulations shall 

be voted by exception by majority vote of TABC's Board members present.            

Section 3:  Annual Dues

A club must compensate TABC for each individual member's dues, which may be collected at their own 

discretion.  The Annual dues for individual club members and affiliated members is twenty dollars ($20) for 

individuals and thirty dollars ($30) for a family membership per calendar year. A Lifetime Membership is offered to 

individuals for a one-time fee of $200.  

Section 4:  Late Dues

Individuals joining TABC after June 30th will pay normal TABC dues. Previous members of a club wishing to join

TABC after June 30th will not be eligible to compete in the TABC State Championship Tournament.

Section 5:  Removal of Members

Any affiliate member or member club may be removed from membership by majority vote by the Board present at a 

TABC meeting, whenever in its judgment the best interest of TABC will be served. 


Section 1 - Number

A Regional Director shall be elected from each Region and Directors at Large (up to a maximum of 8) shall be 

elected from across the entire state.

Section 2 - Nominations

  a.  Each Region shall select nominees to the ballot for Regional Directors and Directors at Large.  The 

     incumbent Regional Director shall forward nominations to the TABC Secretary by November 15th. The 

    Board shall have the responsibility for selecting nominees for any Region failing to do so. The selection 

     shall be with the advice of the incumbent Regional Director.

b.  If nominations are not received as stated in Section 2a then the current Board of Directors reserves the 

     right to appoint Regional Directors as required.

Section 3 - Voting Rights

Each club delegate shall be entitled to cast one (1) vote for the Director from the Region in which his/her club 

resides, and shall be entitled to vote for one Director at Large from any TABC region. 

Section 4 - Elections

The TABC Secretary shall mail ballots to member clubs by November 1
st.  The club delegate shall forward the votes 

to the Regional Director post marked not later than December 1.  The Regional Director shall present the votes for 

Regional Director and Director at Large to the Board.  The ballots shall be canvassed and the results announced via 

the TABC web page by December 31st.  

 Section 5 - Terms of Office

 Regional Directors and Directors at Large term of office shall be one (1) year or until the next annual meeting
 Section 6 - Removal
Removal of a Director (Regional or at Large) shall be by a unanimous vote of the remaining Directors, for cause, 

failure to attend 50% of all scheduled or called meetings per year, or bring disgrace to TABC.  A Director may give 

his vote, by proxy in writing, to any TABC member who attends a Board meeting to insure that Director is 

represented at the Board.  In this case, the absence will not count against the Director.

Section 7 - Quorum
A simple majority of the Board in attendance shall constitute a quorum.
 Section 8 - Vacancies

 In the event of a position becoming vacant, the Board will fill the unexpired term of the individual vacating the

Section 9 - Eligibility
Each individual nominated for election to any position will be required to be a current dues paying member of


ARTICLE IV - Officers and Appointed Positions                 
Section 1 - President and Vice President
The officers of TABC will consist of a President and a Vice President.                    

Section 2 - Election                                                                                   

The President and Vice President will be elected by a majority vote of the Board in attendance at the Annual 

Section 3 - Secretary and Treasurer
The President will appoint a Secretary, Treasurer, and any other position he feels is necessary, with the approval of 

the Board.
Section 4 - Terms of Office                                                                      
The term of office of any Officer of TABC shall be one (1) year, but nothing herein shall prevent the re-election or 

appointment of any officer. 

Section 5 - Removal
Removal of an Officer shall be by unanimous vote of the remaining Board members, for cause, failure to attend 50%

 of all scheduled or called meetings per year, or bring disgrace to TABC.  

Section 6 - Quorum
A simple majority of the Board in attendance shall constitute a quorum.
Section 7 - Vacancies

In the event of an office becoming vacant, the Board will fill the unexpired term of the individual vacating the


Section 8 - Eligibility
Each individual nominated for election or appointed to any office will be required to be a current dues paying 

member of TABC.

ARTICLE V - Board of Directors

Section 1 - Board Members 

Board members are the TABC Officers, Regional Directors, Directors at Large, Treasurer, Secretary, and Advisors. 

ARTICLE VI - Duties of Board Members
Section 1 - President                                                                                
        a. The President will preside at all meetings, shall appoint such committees as may be deemed necessary, or     

              he/she may be authorized to appoint by resolution duly adopted, to assist in the management of the 

affairs of TABC, and shall appoint chairpersons of such committees. The President shall present a proposed 

budget during the First Meeting of the new year. When a tie vote exists on the Board, the President will 

cast the deciding vote.

  1. The President of TABC is authorized to expend TABC funds for the use and benefit of TABC with the 

limitation of  Five Hundred Dollars ($500).   Board approval is required for expenditures in excess of this 


  1. The President shall appoint a Secretary, a Treasurer, Regional Directors, Directors -at-Large and Advisors 

as necessary.

Section 2 - Vice President

In the absence of the President the Vice President will assume the duties of the President. The Vice President will 

work with the President, visit clubs to spread the TABC story, and assist in coordinating statewide communications 

and projects.

Section 3 - Secretary and Treasurer

The Secretary will keep complete minutes of all TABC meetings and handle correspondence.

The Treasurer will manage membership business, maintain adequate management and financial records, receive and 

be accountable for all monies due TABC and deposit funds in the bank selected by the Board.  The Treasurer shall 

submit a monthly report of income and expenditures to the President.

Section 4 - Regional Directors and Directors at Large

Regional Directors and Directors at Large will work with the President and Vice President. Regional Directors will

 represent TABC by visiting with clubs in their respective region, and the Regional Directors and Directors at Large 

will help coordinate statewide communication and projects. The Territories of TABC are ratified and are part of the 

TABC Constitution.

Section 5 - Board of Directors

The Board shall elect the President and Vice President of TABC.  The Board shall be responsible for planning and 

conducting the regular business of TABC.

ARTICLE VII - Meetings
 Section 1 - Business Meetings 

The President shall call all business meetings of the Board at least four (4) times a year. At least one (1) month in 

advance of these meetings, written notice as to the date and location will be mailed or E-mailed to each Board 


a. At the first meeting of each year will Officers will be elected. The location  of the Board meeting shall 

rotate  around the state at the discretion of the President. The best Interest of  TABC would be served if the 

location would insure Board attendance.

Section 2 - Special Meetings

Special meetings of the TABC Board may be called by the President or upon written request of two or more 

members of the Board. Such written request shall state the purpose of the special meeting.  The President at his/her

discretion may conduct Special Meetings via telephone conference call or, if a vote of the Board is needed for 

business matters, via E-Mail with the Board member's E-Mail reply counted as their vote.


ARTICLE VIII - Distribution of Earnings

No part of the net earnings of TABC shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributed to its members, the Board, or 

other private person(s), except that TABC shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for 

services rendered if funds are available and approved by the Board and to make payments and distributions in 

furtherance of the objectives set forth in Article I, Sect 2 hereof.

 Article IX - The TABC Scholarship Grant

Section 1 - About the Grant

  1. Each year, TABC will set aside the sum of $1000 for this scholarship.  Two grants shall be awarded for 


  1. to further the applicant's education, assuming they meet the qualification requirements.  The Board shall 

decide by majority vote whether to roll the unclaimed scholarship funds, if any, into the next calendar 

year, or use the funds for other club expenditures.  This decision shall be made at the fall meeting.

  1. Each applicant must review the scholarship qualifications and follow the instructions on the scholarship

 application form.  The Board shall review all applications to determine eligibility, and if more than two 

applicants determine which two applicants shall receive the grant.

 Section 2 - Scholarship Grant Qualifications

a.    Applicant must be financially dependent on Parent/Guardian(s) who are a member of TABC

b.    Parent/Guardian(s) must be members of TABC for at least two consecutive calendar years.

c.    Applicant must be a graduating high school senior who is entering college or junior college; or who is a 

         current college undergraduate; or who is entering or is currently enrolled in a trade school (auto mechanic, 

         Beauty College, etc.).

       d.    Applicant must not be older than 23.

       e.    Applicant must complete and follow the instructions on the scholarship application form.  Contact the 

                TABC Treasurer for copies of the form.

Article X - State Tournament

Section 1 - Eligibility

Each year, TABC will sponsor a State Tournament among member clubs.  The goal is to provide spirited 

Competition in accordance with all federal, state and local laws.  Therefore, clubs should send their very best 

fishermen.  Participants must be members of TABC and the club they represent.  Clubs who do not meet the 

following eligibility requirements may petition the Board for eligibility.  To be eligible, a club must:

a.      Be a current member of TABC, 

b.      Pay TABC membership dues by June 30th of the current year, as stated in Article 2 para 3 and 4,

c.      Hold at least 6 documented club meetings during the previous year,

d.      Hold at least 6 documented club tournaments during the previous year.

Section 2 - State Tournament information

  1. The TABC State Tournament will be held the last full weekend of September.  Under unusual 

circumstances,  the Board may choose another date.

  1. The Board will determine the tournament site.  The Board may elicit input from member clubs for 


c.      The tournament fee will be determined by the Board.

d.      Tournament rules will be established by the Board.

e.      The Board will appoint a Tournament Director.

f.   If a previous club member wishes to join TABC after June 30th, that individual will not be eligible to 

  compete in the TABC State Championship Tournament.

ARTICLE XI - Methods of Amending the By-Laws 

Section 1 - Modifying By-Laws

A proposal to amend or repeal the By Laws of TABC shall be considered at any regular Board meeting or special

 Board meeting.  A majority vote of the Board in attendance is required to recommend amending or repealing any 

section of the By Laws.  The Secretary will then distribute the proposal(s) to the member club delegates for approval 

or disapproval.

Revised:  February 6, 2016

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