May 2, 2016


For so many years I have had the pleasure of working with you as a club or individually. Those who have been around for a while will know much of what Texas Association of Bass Clubs has been involved in and what we have done for you as a fisherman and your club members.

T.A.B.C. is not just a top fishing organization for one tournament a year to see what bass club will "outshine" the other affiliated clubs. It is much, much, much more than most people who fish the State Championship than the tournament itself.

We have fought and won many battles with the help of our T.A.B.C. members and other groups and organizations working together as a cohesive unit. Listed below are just a few.

  1. The 5 bass, 14" length limit
  2. Choke Canyon brush clearings (the Core of Engineers wanted to do it differently)
  3. Fought grass carp in any waters, any time (lost but with some results)
  4. Built two handicap fishing piers
  5. Help mark river channels (Lake Livingston)
  6. Planting of native grasses (various lakes)
  7. Worked with Texas Parks & Wildlife Department on rule changes
  8. Worked with state legislators to enhance better fishing, clean water, and clean air for the health and well-being of everyone. 
  9. Last but not least, we have worked hard to put on a great tournament each year for all the affiliated clubs of T.A.B.C.

I beseech you as individuals and as a club to continue to support our organization and to garner support for the future of our sport. We want to continue to fight for clean air, better fishing water, protecting our aquatic habitats and plant new grasses for now and the future.

It would make me so proud if our members would come to Lake Livingston to see what is being done with the amazing job that Mr. Tom McDonough, head coordinator for the lake project, along with the help of T.A.B.C., Texas Black Bass Unlimited, students and faculty of seven schools are doing to bring Lake Livingston back to its' glory days.

Comments have been made that Lake Livingston is too stumpy for the tournament to be held there this year. If you fish Toledo Bend, upper area of Choke Canyon and several other lakes, you will find that Lake Livingston has no more hazards than other lakes in Texas. The good thing is that the river channel is marked - thanks to T.A.B.C. and T.B.B.U.

Come on, guys and gals. Don't let us down. We are trying to be fair to all of our members and move the State Championship around the state. Currently, Lake Livingston is producing 20 lb. stringers of bass, has adequate lodging and offers other amenities. This lake is a lot closer for most club members than other lakes that we have been to lately. Show the other clubs how good you really are and let your club fishermen shine.

See you on the lake.

Ed Parten

Vice President, T.A.B.C.

281 723-3828

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